Revealed: Twin Tower Block E At Worldcenter Designed By Arquitectonica

Another element of the Miami Worldcenter megaproject is now going through the approval process, TNM can reveal.

Developers Newgard and ZOM have plans to build out a massive twin-tower project known as ‘Block E’, according to documents obtained by TNM. They join several other developers at Worldcenter, which is set to to break ground soon.

Block E will include two separate hotels, a rental apartment tower, and a condo tower:

  • Hotel #1 – 216 rooms
  • Hotel #2 – 128 rooms
  • Residential tower #1 (apartment) – 418 units
  • Residential tower #2 – (condo) – 380 units

Other elements include retail, restaurant, amenity and office space. In total, Block E will add up to nearly 1.7 million square feet.

Block E will be built with just 1,032 parking spaces, much fewer than permitted by code. Since the apartment tower is located within 1,000 feet of a metromover station, the Miami 21 zoning code permits the developers to build units without any requirement for parking spaces. Just 57 spaces will be built for that tower. The developers are also planning to build the bare minimum amount of parking for the hotel towers.

The 48-story apartment tower will top out at 524-feet above ground. The shorter condo tower will reach a height of 37 stories, or 409 feet above ground.


(images below are 3D models, renderings will be posted later)

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Said No One Ever

Two very good looking towers. I love the creative approach they took.


They’re not just breaking the mold — they’re SHATTERING it.


Can I like that comment more than once? Arquitectonica is destroying Miami.


Right on par for Architectonica.


What about Eataly???

Tomas Possenti

Valet companies are going to be having a field day when all these projects get built. Say hello to $20+ parking to visit a friend in one of these condos/apartments. In other words; you won’t be getting many visitors if that is the case.


Take transit…


That is cheap for valet. Go to come towers in Brickell/Downtown is $40 or the beach and no valet.


i like the idea of using one architect for the entire block even though there are two separate projects.


From the looks of the exterior I bet the interiors are full of life and color!!!


Does not look very street friendly pedestrian friendly.


What do you figure the buildings will do…piss on the street and slap pedestrians upside the head when they walk by?


Towers sans parking’s so hot right now.


So were these the projects that Zom (Luma) and Newgard had announced previously, or a totally new joint venture?


It appears they are the Newgard towers that were announced a couple weeks back the only difference being its not the two southern most pair in the MWC render.


So will it be part of phase 1?


Taxpayers (once again) are getting fleeced. All this development and it won’t bring a net increase in property taxes.


Of course, it will.


There are a lot of misconceptions about CRAs. They are funded by Tax Increment Financing. Basically, for 30 years the property value of the site will be fixed and they will be taxed on that. In future years any tax revenue from increased property value goes to the CRA. When one company owns the whole CRA then it is basically a 30 year tax break. CRAs have proven pretty successful over the last 45 years, so I’m totally fine with some tax incentives for building over blight.