Revealed: Chetrit Group’s Plan For River Walk Megaproject In Brickell

Chetrit Group’s plan for the River Walk project includes millions of square feet and rivals other megaprojects in the city.

The plans, published to the public for the first time, call for about 2,000 units in four, 750-foot towers. The project would be built in phases and exceed four million square feet.

River Walk would become one of just a handful of projects that meet the size requirements for a Special Area Plan under the Miami 21 zoning code. Others include Brickell City Centre, Dacra’s Design District project, and River Landing at the Mahi Shrine.

Currently planned:

  • Four, 60-story (750 feet) towers
  • 4,211,800 SF FLR (total)
  • 1,772 Residential Units
  • 360 hotel units
  • 119,604 SF office space
  • 180,195 commercial space
  • Riverwalk promenade


Plans are still not finalized and will be revised in the next few weeks. Kobi Karp is the architect.



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7 years ago

I absolutely love this project!It’s stunning. Simply beautiful.

I really hope it comes to reality.

7 years ago

This guy straight up took the video screen from the River Landing project and put it on his. Mirrored the image and took away the hats.

7 years ago

Sucks that the most interesting aspects of this project are in phase 3 and 5.

7 years ago

Kobi I love you!

7 years ago

Yes please build it =D

7 years ago

Yikes! Another example of really bad architecture in Miami. I feel it for its residents..

7 years ago

Love the design of the last tower (phase 5) but if there was at least height difference between the first 3 towers it would create a better visual appeal of the entire development tower cluster once finished.

What it seems like now that the developer said hey why don’t we save some money on architectural and just do copy and paste the design for the first 3 towers. Good luck selling these, a pool of eligible cash buyers is draining out.

7 years ago

Chetrit doesn’t build!! They buy & hire Kobi, get permits & wait for a real developer to buy property off them, then real developer builds and takes on the load and tries to compete with over 250 towers going up in Miami, Chetrit is brilliant!

7 years ago

What source do you have that they don’t build? That be a shame if they didn’t build…

7 years ago

This project is great! If completed it will extend the Riverwalk from Neo Vertika and Latitude to the west and Brickell Edge should extend it to the east. It would be amazing if one day our Riverwalk would resemble the one in San Antonio.

7 years ago

I just hope it doesnt turn out like the river front project…talk about a group of buildings that feels like they should be in Aventura not downtown.