Revealed: James Corner Field Operations Master Plan For Lincoln Road

Miami Beach officials are set to unveil a new Lincoln Road Master Plan designed by James Corner Field Operations, a New York landscape architect.

An advance copy of the first draft obtained by TNM is riddled with errors and feels underwhelming, but officials emphasize that it is a work in progress. A meeting where the plan will be presented to the public is scheduled for next week, with the goal of finalizing the design by August.

Some of the ideas that the architect came up with includes new pavement, lighting, and planters. Stricter rules would be created to create consistent pedestrian walkways that aren’t blocked by cafe seating.

James Corner Field Operations is best known for their design of the High Line, a linear park in Manhattan.




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Eddie Q

NO. No Britto Beach Ball. Please & thank you.


so dull..if u want to increase daytime foot traffic and sales, give lincoln road more canopied trees providing total shade through the walkway. people will stick around longer and won’t think twice about hanging out during high noon in the dead of summer. that’s too logical and if would make too much sense.


Two things worry me: 1) They’re removing shade trees, which are essential to being outside in Florida. And 2) they want to reduce and standardize cafe seating. Other cities would kill for the amount of outdoor seating there is right now. Not sure why they’re trying so hard to make a real city look like a standardized, suburban mall.


You nailed it. I understand why, age considering, it may need some renovating but why try to reinvent the most successful and valuable retail spot in town?


To keep it relevant. It won’t turn out exactly as proposed anyway. It has piqued in terms of how much foot traffic it can handle. They need to organize and adapt if it is going to come out on top of secondary retail corridors.


Why not reconstruct the Morris Lapidus kiosks on the 400-500 block? They were elegant and functional. Their destruction in the mid-1990’s was a short sighted mistake.


Climate change = rising temperatures. The city, including Lincoln Road, needs
more shade tree canopy…not less; to provide shade for pedestrians, lower temps, decrease energy use, absorb CO2, provide habitat for birds, offset the heat island effect of all the hardscape and buildings on the mall. Surprisingly, from the pics, this design doesn’t take climate change into consideration at all.


Pretty boring. I don’t see this as an improvement over what’s currently there. Some of the public spaces could use some sprucing up, though.


I think it looks nice.


I agree.


Wheelchair accessible? Water features in Chicago’s Crown Park are. Hope Corner is designing barrier-free for Lincoln Road. High Line has very few elevators. Kickoff meeting for Underline was in AIA’s MCAD — worst universal design in Miami.

Phyllis Crane

This is primarily a retail street, not a park (nor the High Line which is simply a “boardwalk” with one snack shop the entire length of it). In the late 80’s/early 90’s Lincoln Road was dead; no one came because it had no restaurants, few interesting local shops and no major retail stores. Traffic increased when these things arrived. People are drawn to Lincoln Rd because there is an interesting combination of restaurants, people-watching among restaurant patrons and walkers, and retail shopping. In this respect, Lincoln Road itself is primarily its own unique “neighborhood” and should be emphasized as such. So why have you limited restaurant seating, the life blood of the road, which draws visitors and locals and makes it different from other retail shopping malls and why have you not provided adequate shade and lighting where it belongs, at the walking/shopping level. There are plenty of water sights to see in Miami and Miami Beach but only one Lincoln Road that provides so many other things, and since it’s so crowded now, apparently that’s what people want, I agree that creating some new visual interests such as “art” projects, and most importantly, repair and maintenance of the Road… Read more »


Its a Joke. Its pathetic