Revealed: Related Group’s Massive One Brickell Complex On Miami River

Related Group’s highly anticipated plans for One Brickell have been obtained by TNM.

A partnership led by Related is planning to develop three Arquitectonica-designed towers on the site, located at 444 Brickell Avenue:

  • Tower I, 77 Stories (811 Feet)
  • Tower II, 57 Stories(619 Feet)
  • Tower III, 82 Stories (859 Feet)

The combined totals:

  • 1,400 residential units
  • 249 hotel units
  • 41,272 square feet office space
  • 24,263 square feet retail space
  • 1,993 parking spaces

Enzo Enea is the landscape architect.

The project will soon be reviewed by Miami’s UDRB and the Miami River Commission.


More details coming soon….


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Dear Related Group,

Use an architect that is not Arquitectonica! I’m bored.



I know! who owns who? would love to see that 1099


Boring skyline brought to you in part by ARQ!


Great waterfront activation and connectivity…hopefully one day the City asks Epic 2 to poen the fence and add a pedestrian walkway all the way to PAMM!!
Go Miami use your waterfront more!

Epic should open River Walk

The Epic Hotel on the north side of the Miami River should have a publicly open river walk. It is 5-6 years overdue. Why isn’t the City of Miami demanding public access?


Not to say im disappointed, but I really thought that this would be extremely high profile site, right smack dab in the middle of downtown, which could anchor a new tallest to basically have three towers around the same height will make our skyline look smaller rather than taller.


They are not around the same height – tallest is 859ft, shortest 619 ft.


last time I checked 811-859 are not much of a difference when looking at the skyline from afar. And the 600 will blend in with everything else in the area which is already in the 500-600ft range.


You said “three towers around the same height”. I get your point, though. The height management could be better, as pretty much everything else when Arquitectonica is doing the design.


I think that when Swire buids their 1000ft tall tower just few blocks to the south, it will all tie it together in terms of skyline.


Smaller, really? They jut out above all the towers in their immediate vicinity in the panoramic render. Visibly taller than the Southeast Financial Center and Four Seasons further south. These along with the Panorama and One Brickell Citycentre will make our skyline look even more amazing than it already does.


I am generally cynical about the esthetics of some of the most recent buildings but in my opinion this design is a home run. Considering everything this is a nine or ten out of ten. Congratulations. Yet you have to feel a little for the owners at Brickell On The River and 500 Brickell as their views will definitely be compromised.


Agreed, please use another arch other than Arquitectonica. Their floor plans and use of space are so bad. So much wasted space. One project regurgitated after the other.


I agree this kinda looks like a mix of paraiso bay and icon bay….oh yea same architect~arquitectonica…..I wonder if perez just gets discounted rates from them for designs or something,.


By the numbers stated in this article, 1900 parking spaces is far from acceptable. in a town hungry for an increased tax base, to ignore sufficient parking is foolish and short sided. We need More parking and less towers built by greedy developers!


You’re part of the problem, we actually need less parking and more rail. Your statement “less towers built by greedy develops” shows that you’re envious and live in the suburbans.


Another project that is suffocating to the pedestrian.


I disagree with you about suffocating the pedestrian. Pedestrian friendly environments should be dense, urban and devoid of parking lots. Parking lots is what suffocate pedestrians. Empty, boring parking lots are not pleasant to walk around.


Agree…all for density. We will probably start using more the Metromover and walking more the denser the city becomes. More heads to use Brickell City Center…we want a real urban center with offices , homes and retail 24/7. Definitely prefer this Brickell 2014 to the Brickell of 2004.
Want more Ground Floor activation…agreed look at the amount of people jogging or walking dogs in front of Cantina La 20 and Ciprianis..I run there every week.
And yes ..City should open Epic 2 walkway now!!


So where is tower III in the renderings ?


I believe the 3 towers are tightly clustered together almost like a triangle. You can see the shortest one in one of the images.

cesar pelli

theese ees not my dessine. okei.


Excellent point. What happened to Pelli designing this thing?


It’s a bit hard to see but the third building is shorter and between the other two directly north of 500 Brickell. You can see it best in the 5th and 7th rendering.


That is Icon on rendering 5 and Monticello on rendering 7


Looks good, but like a cheaper version of 8 Spruce Street in New York. The flat top is not very inspiring. Would liked to have seen the Cesar Pelli design.


And how much money will Mr. Perez be seeking from local government for “affordable” units?
How is Miami going to support all this retails space? This is the third massive project in a half mile radius. Million or more square feet of retail space. That’s a lot of Crate and Barrel. Unsustainable.


24,000 sq ft of retail is massive?


That curvy design resembles the proposed Miami Beach convention center.


It also resembles the project that was shot down at 5th and Alton on the beach.


Will the FAA allow this ?


It’s funny how everyone was holding their breath and waiting for these renderings saying “alright, here it comes, here it COMES!!!!”…. and then everybody’s going “well…um…okayyy…um” as they sit there trying to decipher their opinions and feelings about what they’re beholding. I guess Arquitectonica (I wonder who made up that name) can sometimes leave one scratching one’s head.

These buildings sort of reminds me of SLS Brickell.


ARQ probably has hundreds of designs that just move the balconies in different ways. But if Related keeps paying the bill, why would they do anything else?? They are laughing all the way to the bank as they one-note Miami’s skyline. I’m not one to promote a starchitect, but if I had my choice between a starchitect stealing work from local design firms and ANOTHER boring ARQ building, I would have to go with the stars….


Great public spaces and waterfront restaurants…hopefully it opens the whole riverfront connecting to Brickell on the River and thru the walkway all the way to Brickell City Center…
Have you been lately to Cantuna La 20 at Icon Brickelll awesome space..hopefully we get more spaces like that..
Does someone know which cool hotel is coming there?


Are you kidding me? This thing is a disaster for the public and for street life.


Not much different than the Panorama Tower being built a couple of blocks away by Tibor Hollo. Architectonica, where is your creative streak. Obviously, lost in the wind.


We all must remember this one thing, this project is still years away from breaking ground. Maybe they’ll change the design. One can only hope and if they do, pray it’s not worse than what see now.


Arquitectonica is awful, they design balconies not buildings…I’m never excited about anything they’re associated with anymore bc it’s just another square building with some minute detail changed…shame pelli was dropped