Revised Plans Submitted For Former INS Building At 79th & Biscayne

Florida Fullview Immigration Building LLC has submitted plans to redevelop the former INS building at the corners of 79th Street and Biscayne Boulevard.

The project will be called Triton Center. The original building, which was constructed in the 1960s as the Gulf American, will be refurbished. Several other buildings on the site will be demolished.

Plans for the project have been tweaked from those that were published in the Summer (a separate design was submitted earlier this year). The new plan calls for:

  • 135 hotel rooms
  • 317 residential units
  • 24,000 +/- square feet of retail
  • 576 parking spaces

The UDRB will review the latest design at a meeting tomorrow.

Add Inc/Stantec is the project architect.


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7 years ago

Yeah, the INS building, which is the white corner building, is already there so I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

7 years ago

I don’t think I’m crazy…yet

There is a huge new building in the rendering behind the INS!

7 years ago

T6-8 actually allows up to 12 stories with bonuses.

Don’t know the details of this project but, just by counting the floors, I assume they are utilizing bonuses to achieve max height. I also assume they are using bonuses for density too, since the images look fairly intense.

I’m exited about the future of this neighborhood. This project, combined with whatever happens to the center across 79th, the move of the creative class from wynwood to little river, the rehab of the mimo district plus the (someday) coastal link stop within walking distance; will make this an amazing neighborhood in the near future.

7 years ago

Why don’t you read Miami 21 before you speak, because you are “Way Way” wrong. Take a lesson from Tim.

7 years ago

Way Way above what zoning allows in height.

7 years ago

This is zoned T6-8 – max. eight (8) stories

7 years ago

They said they were going to refurbish the existing biulding. I’m sure anything they build new won’t exceed the height of the original building which is within code

7 years ago

The quicker the better, would love to see this area and a couple of blocks west get gentrified already!

I hear Wonderland is for Sale 😉

Why Not Now
7 years ago

This is great. What I really like is it looks as though they will keep the original street side facade as it is only covered over with plywood at the moment.

7 years ago

Horrible location. Horrible neighborhood.

7 years ago

So you just forget the area and move on? I’m not sure you are following the right blogs.

Ray Wong
6 years ago

I hope the hell this gets built and we don’t see another building lost to stupidity!!

i live on 73 Biscayne for 8 years and would love to see this eye sore gone and a high rise in its place.

we have to many empty lots! do to all the bull shit about height.

after 4 years of watching them set empty and be come local trash dumps!!

i say bring it on baby!! lets get this neighbor hood going.

Ray Wong CAM