River Landing Releases New Images Of Construction Progress, Announces Planet Fitness

River Landing continues to make progress and is now just months from completion.

Developers of the $425 million announced last month that Planet Fitness signed a lease to occupy 18,560 square feet of space.

Other tenants already announced include Publix Super Markets, Burlington Stores, TJ Maxx, Ross Dress For Less, AT&T, Old Navy, Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby.

River Landing Shops and Residences will include around 360,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, 118,000 square feet of office, 528 market-rate apartments, more than 2,000 parking spaces and a landscaped Riverwalk. It will also include a 25,500-square-foot restaurant row.

Boaters along the Miami River will be able to access the shops and restaurants at River Landing.

Opening is scheduled for spring of 2020.


Office patio amenity area:

Screening on garage:

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this looks to be a very nicely done project…

Shawn Kouri

This is coming in a couple of months? YES! This is going to gentrify the neighborhood around it. It will even create new employment and career opportunities who may have been unable to start a career yet.


Massive project, that may do for that area what Brickell City Centre did for Brickell


BCC didnt really do shit for Brickell except increase traffic, force surrounding retail to up their pricing and kick out existing tenants and create higher-priced restaurants just to keep up w the rent. These retailers will be revolving doors. Sad!


did you expect them to build a fancy shopping center in an up and coming area and rents and traffic to stay the same? did you expect to see more cheap restaurants opening in this area after it was gentrified?.if you can’t afford to eat there,walk a couple of blocks and eat some croquetas at calle 8


You can’t ask for a better tenant mix! Hobby Lobby, Ross, DSW, ULTA all dat everyday.
I can’t wait to live here!!!!


lol u serious?


118000 of office is nothing to sneeze at! Wish them allot of luck. Great infill with good services to the neighborhood. I wonder who will be the office flag on this project…


Probably hospital service groups.

Miami Realist

This is a great addition to Allapattah. As well as Neology Group developers already are building 2 great projects just 4 blocks north of River Landing. Allapattah is the next coming up neighborhood.


At least the parking garage has some decent cladding, rather than patches of sheet metal and/or stupid mural.


We need a dollar tree store at this project. this is also a good place to sell croquetas


Ain’t the worst place to have a heart attack, with a hospital down the street.


Announces Pizza Planet*

Realtalk Reilly

I don’t see this development ever being a success in the way it’s been pitched in the promotional materials, which always portray crowds of people strolling along the riverwalk behind the development.

Question: Where are those people walking from, and where are they walking to?

There is no development to the north of this project, and the way it is situated against the highway, I don’t think there will ever be any development to the south of it.

So it’s a riverwalk to nowhere! The only people out there walking around will be the tenants of the 528 “market-rate apartments,” and the people who went there for the rare and exciting opportunity to shop at one-of-a-kind stores like Ross, TJ Maxx and Old Navy.

This gigantic structure is going to be nothing but a huge, monstrous bust.


It seems to me as if you are one of those disgruntled NIMBYs from Spring Gardens that oppose anyone who dares to build something near “their” river. Obviously you do not care that this project is bringing a good mix of retail, office, residential and food options to a piece of the Miami River which desperately needed a catalyst to spur further development in its vicinity. All you need to do is take a look at a map and you will see that it is in a prime location with the Health District steps away and Allapattah to the north. Eventually, all of those single family homes located a couple blocks north will become small to medium sized developments that will add more density to the area. I wish them well and I applaud them completing a nice sizable section of the public river walk.


Thank you for your comment. In the comment above they sarcastically stated ” Ross, TJ Maxx and Old Navy.” well this will be the first national retailers in Allapattah in over 4 decades. There is thousands of residents in Allapattah from working class to lower middle class looking for family friendly affordable places to shop, and eat with their families. Families are exhausted having to drive to Doral or Hialeah while living in Allapattah. Bring on the development and retailers!

Realtalk Reilly

Posted by the developer’s pet Shi Tzu lol

Realtalk Reilly

Posted by the developer lol


> more than 2,000 parking spaces

LOL, quick, let’s widen the 836 again!


” let’s widen the 836 again! ”

And then let’s double deck the fudge out of it.


Its for the planet fitness, publix and other store customers. Your anti-parking space derangement ignores why projects like this need parking spaces.


2000 spots parking for the gym. Oh the irony.


more than 2,000 parking spaces! Miami Winning!!!

Tania Hernandez

*2,200 total. 600 allocated for residences.


Folks I have truly tried to use our buses. But to go the 2.1 miles from my place to this project as we speak requires 34 minutes with the 32 bus, including waiting time and 17 minutes of walking. If I miss that bus, I have to wait 30 minutes for the next one.
Driving takes 14 minutes.
To get people to give up their cars, a good transit system has to come first.