Rubio Wanted To Create ‘Family-Friendly Hollywood’ In Florida

Presidential candidate and Miami native Marco Rubio once wanted to create a family-friendly film industry in Florida, according to the Daily Beast.

Rubio’s 2006 book, 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future, includes ‘IDEA 90: Create a Family-Friendly Hollywood in Florida.’ Rubio wrote that ‘Florida should create a tax incentive program aimed at attracting more film productions and TV series to the state, with a priority given to those productions that are given ‘family-friendly’ ratings such as G or PG.’

At the time, Rubio was Florida’s speaker of the house. Shortly after the book came out, Florida passed tax incentives for the film industry with a ‘family-friendly’ restriction clause, the website said.

Rubio is one of two Miamians who are seeking the Republican nomination for president. The other, Jeb Bush, was Rubio’s political mentor.