Sales Gallery For Miami’s 98-Story Supertall Waldorf Astoria Tower To Open In Early 2020

Miami’s supertall 98-story Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences will soon have a sales gallery open, representatives of the developer said today.

The $1 billion Waldorf tower will become Miami’s tallest at 1,041 feet above ground when completed.

A sales gallery for The Residences at Waldorf Astoria Miami is now being built at 400 Biscayne, and will open in early 2020, according to a spokesperson for developer PMG.

Construction on the Waldorf tower will begin at 300 Biscayne, while the sales gallery will remain open at 400 Biscayne “during and beyond construction” of the tower, the spokesperson added.

The sales gallery was first built at 300 Biscayne, but is now being moved in order to remain open when construction begins on the Waldorf tower.