Say Goodbye To Miami Beach’s Wooden Boardwalk: Demolition Will Start Tomorrow, To Be Replaced With Beachwalk

An era will come to an end tomorrow in Miami Beach when the city will begin demolishing the wooden boardwalk in mid-Beach.

A ceremony to celebrate the start of demolition will be held on Wednesday for the project, which will see the wooden boardwalk replaced with concrete pavers.

Miami Beach spokesperson Melissa Berthier said the project will take around a year and a half to complete. The work will be divided into three sections from 23rd Street to 45th Street, divided by areas already converted to beachwalk behind the Faena and Edition hotels.

Demolition is scheduled to run from December through March. Crews will work from the south end to the north for demolition, and will again work south to north for construction and paver installation, including at 11 street ends.

Some residents in the city had advocated retaining the boardwalk, saying it was iconic, provided an elevated view, and is easier to walk on than pavers.  Detractors noted the dangers caused by its deteriorating condition and the fact that it attracted homeless people.

A beachwalk has already been completed in South Beach and North Beach. With the new segment, the beachwalk will run continuously from South Pointe Park all the way to the northern end of the city (a final segment will also be built behind North Shore Park that will take the path to Surfside).

FDOT and the Federal Highway Administration are partnering with the city on the project.



(photo: phillip pessar)