Self-Powered $200M Grove Central Gets FAA Approval, Undergoing Wind Testing

A $200m mixed-use project that generates its own electricity at the Coconut Grove Metrorail station is moving forward.

On February 11, the FAA approved a 272-foot building height for the project, known as Grove Central.

Also this month, wind-tunnel testing was underway, according to engineer Bliss & Nyitray.

Massive solar panels are planned to cover the buildings, producing two megawatts of power. Underneath, batteries that are the size of six shipping containers will store 20-megawatts per hour of electricity.

Enough power could be generated and stored to make the building self-powered, while also powering Metrorail as it departs the station, planners say. The solar array and battery is known as an urban microgrid, and is the first of its kind in Florida.

Air condition for the building would come from a geothermal system using cold water pumped from underground. Groundwater and rainwater will also be used to provide cooling mist and for landscape irrigation.

A waste-to-energy plant that would convert sewage into power, compost and water is also said to be in negotiations.

Terra Group and Grass River Property are the developers of Grove Central. Touzet Studio is the architect.