Several Cranes Will Be Installed Next Month At The Construction Site Of Twin 50-Story Downtown 5th

An application has been submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration to install tower cranes at the Downtown 5th construction site.

The first crane is to rise 591 feet above ground, or 604 feet above sea level.

A second crane is proposed to rise 550 feet above ground, or 563 feet above sea level.

Installation of the cranes is expected to take place in just a few weeks, on February 3. They will remain in place until August of 2021.

The twin towers of Downtown 5th are approved by the FAA for a permanent height of 495 feet above ground, or 508 feet above sea level.

Downtown 5th is the biggest residential project ever built in downtown Miami’s Central Business District. It will include 1,042 apartments and 12,506 square feet of retail in twin 53-story towers.