Signature Bridge Accelerated, But Designs Could Be Scrapped; Metromover Will Need To Be Relocated

FDOT’s plan to build a $600 million Signature Bridge in Downtown Miami will require one of the piers supporting the Metromover to be moved.

Dade’s commission will need to approve the pier relocation. Federal officials have already approved it. Federal approval was required, since they provided part of the funding to build the system.

It isn’t clear how disruptive the work would be to passengers. The department is pledging that most of the work will take place during non-operating hours. FDOT is also pledging to keep a corridor open for a mass transit connection to the beach.

Genting had also indicated that they would want to move the Metromover to build Resorts World Miami, but that plan has stalled.

FDOT has recently accelerated the Signature Bridge project, and concept plans and an RFP are now expected to be ready by April. Construction could begin by the end of next year.

Two designs, Wishbone and Lotus, are being considered. However, officials now say that they are would consider a third design if it was proposed by a design-build team.


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And here is when they came out with a garbage design…

just like miami beach did with the conference center and arquitectonica.


this city’s politicians appear to have just one commitment, and that is trying to screw over people who ride the metro and the mover. It makes no sense.


The third design will be a run of the mill standard bridge – and it will be more than $600 million.


Obviously facetious comment is obviously facetious, but a standard bridge would be more appropriate. Know where these signature bridges work? Over water and such…not smack dab above a main thoroughfare. One of the main problems is that CBD and Omni/Edgewater are separated by the bridge…this doesn’t put lipstick on a pig; it gives the pig double-F implants that just force you to stare at the damn abomination.

Do some more studies…find the long-term benefit for the tunnel. Sure, it’s a big upfront expense, but it frees up land for development (land sales, impact fees and recurring taxes) and actually connects these neighborhoods to make true downtown (increased downtown tourism and sales tax).


They always find a convenient way to slip in that good ole bait and switch…… I thought Miami was “PROMISED” a signature design?


You are correct. The City of Miami and Miami-Dade county threatened FDOT with litigation if the design wasn’t a signature bridge. FDOT was trying to get officials to go for your run of the mill design before the 2 designs were chosen just last year. This talk of a third design now sounds fishy. I wonder of our newly re-elected Governor has anything to do with this new development in exchange for fast tracking.


So you can remodel a bridge but can’t extend the metromover or make another rail line that goes to the beach. What do officials have against logic 🙁


Again, this bridge falls under state jurisdiction, public transit systems falls under city and county jurisdiction.


not only that but its falling apart, has to be replaced with something eventually…tho im all for the tunnel and paid for by taxing whatever is built on top of it

So refurbish it for $60M instead of $600M. Highways are to move cars, not to be landmarks. We already have several iconic arts and culture landmarks in the area.


Agree with the other commentor that a signature bridge should be built OVER WATER and not over land. This will obstruct the skyline and divide the Edgewater area with Downtown, not unifying it. I think it’s totally unnecessary and a waste of money. I favor a tunnel.

Yohan Perez

yes for tunnel. no to bridge.


Seems like a waste of $600,000,000.00 to me. Why not put that into public transit? Clearly the funding for $600,000,000.00 in improvements to make a bridge look pretty is there, but not one to improve transit?

Yea, this makes a ton of sense!


Nice to look at, but agree with opinion of best over water, even if at the edge bewtweeen land & water. At least at the water’s edge you can enjoy it from many vantage points & becomes a more visible landmark.

They already did a similar idea at the main toll of 836.

Don’t believe anyone who says mass transit is too expensive. How about using $600M (translation: $1.2Bn) for something more worthwhile and more beneficial for the future of both Miami and Miami Beach like Bay Link??? The “signature bridge” will do NOTHING for Beach-mainland commuters when there are accidents on the Causeway like yesterday evening, and NOTHING for traffic during Heat games and other arena events! Meanwhile the existing bridge can probably be refurbished for $60M instead of $600M…


Why not have it go over the metromover instead??