Silverspot: We Are Opening Our Downtown Movie Theater At Met Square In Fall Of 2016

Silverspot Cinema’s downtown Miami movie theater is scheduled to open in Fall of 2016, the company said in a release yesterday.

That means that the theater will likely open on the lower levels of Met Square prior to the completion of an apartment complex on the upper floors of the project.

A similar construction schedule worked out across the street at Met 3, where a Whole Foods market opened on the lower levels of the project while an apartment complex remains under construction. MDM is the developer of both the Whole Foods at Met 3 and the theater at Met Square, while the apartment complexes on the upper levels of both projects are being developed by ZOM.

MDM has already obtained construction financing for Met Square, but the project that has been delayed by an archaeological dig.

Nearby, Brickell City Centre will also include a theater called Cinemex.