Since March, One Condo Unit Has Been Sold Every Other Day At Brickell City Centre

Swire Properties continued to sell units at Brickell City Centre over the past five months, and will begin closings at the end of 2015.

On average, the developer sold one unit every other day over the past five months. Swire sold a combined 78 condos in the Reach and Rise towers between March and August.

Sales have been slower than last year, but prices are also higher.

At Reach, 317 out of 390 units have now been sold, at an average price in the mid $600s per square foot. At Rise, which launched later at higher prices, 129 of 390 units have now been sold, at an average price in the high $600s per square foot. The data was current as of August 18.

The developer also said last week that they will begin realizing profits on the condos at the end of 2015, when closings will begin. The East hotel will also open by the end of the year.


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