Site Work Is Now Underway At The Skyrise Miami Site, Where 1,049-Foot Tower Planned

Heavy machinery moved onto the Skyrise Miami entertainment tower this week, marking the start of site work and eventual construction.

A surface parking lot that was operating at the site is now permanently closed, according to Bayside employees. Demolition is underway.

Records show the following construction permits now active at the site:

  • Phased foundation permit, filed and approved in March 2017
  • Seawall permit, filed in May 2018 and approved in June. Construction cost estimated at $60,000.
  • Temporary trailer construction permit, filed in January 2018 and approved in July. Construction cost estimated at $500,000 with 2,400 square feet of space.
  • Total demolition, filed in May 2017 and approved in January 2018. Cost listed at $3.9 million, with JWR Construction listed as contractor.

Skyrise will cost at least $430 million to develop. It will rise 1,049 feet above sea level, 1,045 feet above ground.