Site Work Underway At Brickell Financial Centre

At Brickell Financial Centre, a surface parking lot has been closed and site work appears to be underway.

City records show that a permit has been issued to remove 36 trees and relocate 33 others. Demolition and construction permits for the site have not yet been applied for.

The project will be built in three phases, known as 2a, 2b and 2c (the first phase was an office tower).

Phase 2a will include a 12-story structure, with 23,168 square feet of restaurant and 553 parking spaces.

A plaza will be built on the northern half of the lot in the interim, as final plans for Phase 2b and phase 2c have yet to be submitted.

Phase 2b will replace the plaza in the future, with 2,806 square feet of retail, 11,129 square feet of office, and 770 parking spaces. Atop the second garage will be Phase 2c, a 903-foot tower, with up to 360 hotel units and 134 condo units.



first portion of parking lot demolished mar. 5:

taken feb. 19: