SkyRise Developer Aiming To Take Title Of City’s Tallest

SkyRise Miami developers want to ensure that the tower will be the tallest in Miami.

The developers of the polarizing project submitted plans to the FAA earlier this month requesting an increased height of 1,045 feet above ground. In 2008, the agency had approved a height of 990 feet above ground.

The 2008 application listed a site elevation of 10 feet above sea level, putting the top of the tower at 1,000 feet above sea level. The new filing lists the site elevation at 4 feet above sea level, which would put the peak at 1,049 feet above sea level.

If approved, SkyRise would beat out several other proposed towers by just a few feet in structure height, although others would match sea level height. Swire Properties’ One Brickell City Centre was recently approved at 1,040 feet above ground, or 1,049 feet above sea level. Near SkyRise, developer PMG has a pending application for a 1,041-foot condo tower at the Empire World Towers site, which would also reach 1,049 feet above sea level.

All of the projects are taking advantage newly eased height limits in the downtown area, allowing for 1,049-foot towers.