SkyRise Developer Signs Deal For Utilities; Lawsuit Challenging Project Is Tossed

SkyRise developer Jeff Berkowitz signed a deal to connect utilities to the project last week, and a lawsuit challenging the project has been thrown out by an appeals court.

Berkowitz will pay a utility connection charge estimated to be about $360,000. In addition to being signed by Berkowitz, the paperwork was also signed by Miami’s city manager (the city owns the land), as well as leaseholder Bayside Marketplace and Deutsche Bank, Bayside’s mortgage holder.

In the rejected lawsuit, activist Grace Solares had challenged the validity of a referendum in which voters approved a deal with Bayside and Skyrise. The court ruled that Solares lacked standing to bring the suit, and a city attorney told the Herald that another lawsuit filed by Norman Braman and Raquel Regalado could be thrown out for the same reason.

Berkowitz has already completed work on a new pier behind Bayside, and utility relocation is expected to be completed by mid-June. Extensive foundation work is expected to begin this fall.


SkyRise specs:

  • 174,340 sq. ft. of retail space
  • 10,123 sq. ft.of office space
  • 24,291 sq. ft. of a banquet hall
  • 13,822 sq. ft. full service restaurant
  • 4,723 sq. ft. fast food restaurant
  • 20,922 sq. ft. bar or cocktail lounge
  • 13,703 sq. ft. of warehouse space
  • 72 seat theater
  • 4 fire station beds
  • 3 coin laundry washing machines