SkyRise Referendum To Be Held In August

Miami residents will get to vote on a new lease deal with SkyRise and Bayside Marketplace in August.

Commissioners approved the August referendum, but postponed a decision on key details of the project until next month after black residents voiced opposition to the project, citing economic issues.

Developer Jeff Berkowitz said that delaying the referendum until November could kill the project. If approved, construction will begin in October with a goal of opening SkyRise by Christmas 2017.


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7 years ago

I keep hoping that I will eventually warm up to the design.

But nope, it still looks remarkably hideous. I hope they at least reconsider, though the general idea of an observation tower isn’t a bad one.

7 years ago

ugh get rid of this thing

7 years ago

No! They want gambling there at some point. Read the fine print.

7 years ago

Due to the prominence of this structure in the Miami skyline, which would ultimately be iconic for good or bad, a competition should have been held to offer other solutions and which would have made the design much better I’m sure.

7 years ago

I don’t see anything wrong with this tower, is different and Miami need some other entertainment beside the beach and also the Bayside need some improvement, is out of the day, but you people complain about everything .

7 years ago

Miami needs an iconic structure. While. it is not exactly the Tour Eiffel, at least it is something res8dents can point to and say “it’s ours.”

BK Dave
7 years ago

Look up “world’s tallest towers”. You will find boring uninspired style except perhaps Pearl Tower in Shanghai. This new tower for Miami has style and character. Some may like it, some not. But it stands out among its peers. The issue is whether the developer can pull off the financing.

7 years ago

Hideous! This will mar our skyline!

Miamians need to VOTE IT DOWN in August!!

7 years ago

forget about how hideous it looks think about the financial impact a project of this size will have on the local tax payers.
the funding will INCREASE to 500,000,000 yes that is 8 zeros 500 million! the tower will generate 5,000,000 per year… stated right in their proposal. If you political idiots have half a brain simple math 100 years before the project is paid for. here’s an idea every resident in Dade County parks at Bayside for free for life, eats in the tower for free FOR LIFE and rides the elevator for free for life… then maybe just maybe I’ll lower my senses enough to vote yes. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE HORSE SHIT THAT THIS DEAL REALLY OFFERS.

4 years ago

This is a great project out of all the other skyscraper proposals in Miami since building an observation tower in my opinion, is probably the most decent idea ever thought of in America’s third biggest city.