Slab Pour For Miami’s $818 Million Signature Bridge Has Been Completed

Contractors for Miami’s $818 million Signature Bridge project reached a milestone earlier this month when they completed a concrete pour for the bridge structure.

The work was for the center pier seal slab of the Signature Bridge. According to FDOT, the pour took 226 concrete trucks.

Concrete was pumped to the bottom of the footer to seal the floor. Once it cures, water can then be pumped out and crews can begin to construct the footer rebar cage. When the rebar cage is completed, the footer will be poured out using approximately 500 concrete trucks and four concrete pumps.

The project website now lists a cost of $818 million, up from the $802 million previously announced.

In addition to the rebuilding of I-395 through downtown Miami and the Signature Bridge structure, the project includes double-decking part of the 836 expressway.


(bottom photo and video: Florida Concrete Unlimited)