South Miami Officials Vote In Support Of Splitting Florida Into Two States

City of South Miami commissioners voted in favor of a resolution this month that calls for Florida to be split into two states.

According to the resolution, the creation of South Florida as the 51st state is a ‘necessity for the very survival’ of Florida due to the threat of rising sea levels, which is being ignored by politicians in Tallahassee.

A split into two states would require approval both from Florida voters and congress, the Sun Sentinel wrote.




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7 years ago

About time! The sooner we can leave Tallahassee the better. We’re two different worlds and societies, Tallahassee just keeps us down.

7 years ago

People, this is not meant to be literal; it’s to make a statement on the disconnect between Tallahassee and its lack of response to the very immediate threat of rising waters to South Florida.

That said, I fully support this! Let’s secede!

7 years ago

Ridiculous split, but I support it in theory. It cuts in half the Orlando and Tampa Metros.

It should really just be the 4 counties of South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, Monroe). These 4 would be around 6M people, on par with Maryland and Missouri.

7 years ago

What are they smoking? Never going to happen.

7 years ago

it might happen tbd lots of buzz about this

7 years ago

this is never going to happen, there is never going to be another state. its over.

7 years ago

People need to stop entertaining this ridiculousness.

Afi K. James
7 years ago

That is not gonna happen in my lifetime.

7 years ago


7 years ago

this makes a lot of sense, at least as a way to pressure Tallahassee to reconsider the tax revenue issue if they don’t, we have options and we should exercise them.

7 years ago

A completely ridiculous idea, especially considering that it is supposedly prompted by rising sea levels. Regardless of the motivation, neither South Florida, the Miami SMSA, the Southern half of the Florida peninsula or any other part of the state would benefit by “breaking away” from the rest of the state.

Of course there are people in the general population who would support such an idea but this is due to a lack of understanding of the full ramifications. For just one example of the potential problems with this idea, can you imagine the bickering and disagreement that would result from trying to decide just where the new border/cutoff would be located?? What is people in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas don’t want to be split apart from each other? And that is just the beginning, there are an endless array of impossible hurdles to overcome.

Other states have had similar proposals put forth in the past, including most all of the heavily populated states. Always there are areas within each state that think they are being slighted by the state capitol or by the largest metropolitan area of the state or by the opposite end of the state or whatever. None, not one of these efforts to split away from the rest of the state has ever come to fruition since West Virginia was formed from the original state of Virginia during the middle of the 19th century. In today’s world, economic, sociopolitical and countless other issues intercede such breakaway or secession efforts and as a result they always go nowhere in the end. And it is not going to happen in Florida either unless the United States of America as a whole should disintegrate into multiple little fiefdoms because of social and economic collapse or something similar. So barring that, this pipe dream will never even sniff reality.

7 years ago

A very bad idea and it is not ever going to happen. Those who understand business and economics also know that splitting Florida in two would be highly detrimental to all areas of the state. Tallahassee and the rest of Florida need the tax revenues and the economic impact from free enterprise in South Florida. South Florida needs the same from the rest of the state. Neither region could make it on its own as a separate state without suffering great economic loss in the process. And how in the hell would it be possible to get people in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas to agree to split apart from themselves, for just one example of just one insurmountable problem?

This idea of seceding or breaking away is not new to Florida and it has been suggested in virtually every other state or regions within same, at one time or another. People in one part of a state are always thinking that they are somehow being slighted by the state capitol or by remote regions within their respective states. Oftentimes the people who live outside of the state’s largest metro area believe that they are playing second fiddle to those within that area. Sometimes especially sparsely populated parts of some states think they are being “left out” altogether by the rest of the state and so on and so on. So someone in those regions will sooner or later come up with a “resolution” to secede and form their own state. But these efforts always fall way short because modern economic and sociopolitical realities make such secession moves a virtual impossibility.

7 years ago

OK, it seems like this is more of a tactic rather than an actual serious effort. This may just be a way to get Tallahassee’s attention. There has been this historical “disconnect” from a political sense when it comes to South Florida and the lawmakers in North Florida whereby it seems they don’t have our own best interests at hand.