Staggered 28-Story Optima Office Tower In Hallandale & Aventura Appears Topped Off

Optima Onyx, a 28-story office tower in Hallandale Beach with a staggered design, appears to have topped off.

It is part of an office campus that sits on both sides of the Miami-Dade and Broward line, in both Aventura and Hallandale.

Two office buildings and a garage have been completed, on the Aventura side. Optima White Tower, Optima Red Tower, and the parking garage (eight stories), will be connected to the new tower.

  • Optima White – 9-story, 84,401 square foot of office (Aventura)
  • Optima Red – 4 story, 29,621 square feet of office (Aventura)
  • Optima Onyx – 28-story, 300,000 square feet of office (on the Hallandale side)

Optima Onyx is being designed by Behar Font of Coral Gables, which is also designing downtown Miami’s Okan Tower.

Completion of Optima Onyx is scheduled for the third quarter of 2020.

Ariel Bromberg is the developer, according to the Sun Sentinel.