Starwood Capital Group About To Begin Work On New Office & Retail Building In Miami Beach, Permits Now Pending

Construction and demolition permits have now been filed for at the Starwood Capital Group property in South Beach that will likely become the company’s headquarters.

Records show that a permit to demolish a former Avis rental car building on the site is now pending, as is a phased construction permit.

The new project will help to activate an already lively area of Collins Avenue, across from the 1 Hotel.

There will be two levels of retail and restaurant space, on the first and second floor. In total, 8,088 square feet of retail space is planned.

A pedestrian paseo surrounded by lush landscaping and flowing water features will be located on the south side of the property

A total of 136,342 square feet of office space is being built, along with 305 parking spaces.

Coastal/Brodson Joint Venture is listed as the contractor. Gensler is the architect.


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Very Nice

Shawn Kouri

Looks like one of those futuristic iconic modern office buildings of glass that looks like one of those green buildings with plants on them.


LOL. Yes, yes it does.


The vertical landscaping part is beautiful.
Certainly not standard Del Boca Vista.




Visionary client, and beautiful building. Certainly better than the cookie cutter garbage local ARQ pump out.


Beautiful project!


Gensler designs this in Miami Beach. In Miami proper, they design an f-ing Walfart.


Great project all around. Minimize footprint of the garage by using stacking spots, effectively reduces required parking by 64 spots! by providing bike and scooter parking and showers.


Yes please… more office buildings on the beach, so people don’t have to schlep off of the mainland to get to a good job (all the current jobs on the beach are low paid shitty service jobs).


Wonder if these are some of the folks against the plan for bike lanes on 23 Street.


Awesome !


wonderful.. modern.


Truly world class design. Compare this to all the Melo and Arq garbage all over Miami.


Too many small buildings. Miami Beach should have TOWERS like Manhattan.

Jim Tortellini

I’m tryna work for them


Ok squidward


Miami Beach is building a massive parking garage across the street. It’ll probably be empty during the day too. They should significantly reduce their parking and instead use the City garage. More forward thinking and done around the world.


Please delete comment, reviewed the plans further and I approve.