Russian State-Run News: Miami Is A ‘Rebellious Breakaway Region’

Russia just launched a new government funded news outlet called Sputnik earlier this week, and published an article with a description of Miami that is raising eyebrows.

Referring to a recent resolution by South Miami officials who want Florida split into two states, the website describes Miami as a ‘rebellious breakaway region’. Miami is lumped together with other areas that have active secessionist movements such as Scotland and Catalonia, although the essay does clarify that Miami is looking to form a state and not a nation.

The website goes on to write that one way or another, Miami won’t be under the jurisdiction of Tallahassee soon, since rising water levels mean that the area will be lost to sea.




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7 years ago

They are probably trying to scare Russians from coming here and buying properties.

7 years ago

Absurd that you’d even give this pieice of garbage some expoursue.

A few in South Miami had this garbage idea – that’s all.

7 years ago

Who really cares what these socialists/dictators say. They wish they lived in any of US states.

edin coralic
7 years ago


A Non Mouse
7 years ago

A lot of people in a lot of places (including some here at home) seem to be almost rubbing their hands together in anticipation of South Florida sinking beneath the rising sea levels. My advice to everyone with such thoughts is don’t hold your breath. The latest measurements show approximately one centimeter of sea level rise along the coast of South Florida during the past twenty years.

So unless one or more of these endless predictions of drastic increases in sea level rise (the predictions are always made for 30 to 100 years or more into the future, so if they are wrong, and they always have been so far, then no one will remember this, presumably) finally, actually starts coming true, it will take approximately 2000 years for the sea to rise by one meter in the ocean off Florida.

Meanwhile, the talk of secession was/has been limited to one city council in one small city in Miami-Dade county. But from the credence that the mainstream media seems to be giving this, you’d think the entire population of South Florida was in full revolt and demanding secession. It takes a whole lot more than just one city council voting on one meaningless resolution to successfully accomplish any sort of secession.

6 years ago

Boy, talk about some really dumb reporting, why would anyone go through the motion of writing this tripe:

“the website describes Miami as a ‘rebellious breakaway region’.

And then they say:

“Miami won’t be under the jurisdiction of Tallahassee soon, since rising water levels mean that the area will be lost to sea.

Why would this Russian website waste time reporting on the idiocy of some “secessionist movement” in South Florida and then say to themselves that “all this is futile” because the area will be under water in the near future anyway? wtf…..

This Russian government funded news outlet should spend more time reporting on something more near to them like the condition of Berlin since the fall the of the wall and stay out of Florida’s quirks.