Students Criticize Arquitectonica’s Design For New School Of Architecture Building: ‘Looks Like A Bunker’

Arquitectonica’s plan for a new 20,000-square-foot design studio building at the University of Miami’s School of Architecture is drawing criticism from students there.

An article in The Miami Hurricane quotes several students who are dissatisfied with Arquitectonica’s design.

Alex Underwood, a first-year architecture student, told the paper that the new studio ‘almost looks like a bunker.’ The concrete design ‘just doesn’t look inviting,’ he said, and is inconsistent with other buildings on campus.

Another first-year architecture student, Max Erickson, expressed disapproval of the ‘weird, flat, drooping roof’ that Arquitectonica is proposing, along with the ‘octopus of metal tubes’ along the ceiling near the bathrooms. Erickson also believes that the building will be structurally flawed, preventing sound absorption and proper ventilation.

Both expressed disappointment that students and faculty at the school had no input in the design of the building.

The new building will be named the Thomas P. Murphy Design Studio, after Coastal Construction donated $3.5 million to the school. Murphy is the CEO of Coastal and an alumnus of the school.

It is expected to open in spring 2017.

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6 years ago

Hey John, that’s quite an elitist statement. Since when is the critique or opinion about what is good or bad architecture the sole privilege of architects? I am a UM SOA alumnus, a practicing architect for 25 years and happen to agree with the first year student. This is an inappropriate, uninspired, out-of-context piece of architecture. This 35 year old design firm should be doing a lot better work than this.

Yet Another Anonymous
6 years ago

It’s not that bad but not that great either, an interesting minimalism. I like how the roof stays a constant thickness. It looks kind of small, almost a modern one room school house if you will. Hopefully there is something underground.

6 years ago

It doesn’t surprise me that the building is unappealing. Architectonica has had an aesthetic design block for many years. The building does not resemble Miami, the University or an architecture faculty. OK Architectonica, perhaps you should be interned in the building and take a few more courses yourself.

6 years ago

UM Students should rally together. I think Miami as a whole has had enough of Arquitectonica

6 years ago

Architectonica is going downhill

6 years ago

seriously though who left arquitectonica or what happened?

It hasn’t been the same since the last boom.

6 years ago

So lets see—2 first year students are opining about the work of a firm that’s been around for 35 years—giving opinions about the structural integrity of the design no less—-and that’s before they have taken 1 structural engineering class……nice to have opinions but maybe you should learn something or better yet—do something before you start throwing around critiques……lets hear what PRACTICING faculty have to say.

6 years ago

Salty much?