Sunset Place To Be Redeveloped With Residential, Hotel

The new owners of Sunset Place are planning to redevelop the property with hotel, residential, and redesigned retail, according to Community Newspapers.

Plans call for two residential towers with a total of 414 units. A 182-room hotel is also planned.

The hotel and residential towers will be placed on US-1 at the north end of the property, in close walking distance to the South Miami Metrorail station and UM campus.

The developers will also partially demolish some retail at San Remo and Red Road to create a “grand” public square. New exterior facing storefronts and facade improvement are also planned, in order to make the area more inviting to pedestrians.

Federal Realty Investment Trust, Grass River Property, and Comras Company paid $110 million for the property last year and are overseeing development.

Zyscovich is the architect.


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Excellent idea to turn into Mixed-use and residentia.. it’s really the town center for South Miami.


And across the street from UM with Whole Foods next door. With how fast Red Road commons filled up, they won’t have any price sensitivity issues. Wouldn’t be surprised if the school still runs a shuttle to sunset.

RIP Dan Marinos, no matter how bland your food was.


This mall should bring back the IMAX theater(the real IMAX theater), building some condos and a hotel may make sense. This is good for the mall.


This would certainly be healthy for the Mall. The existing residential condos are minor. Adding a significant resi anchor on the north east corner is good news. The current entrance on the East side is also lacking. Redesigning these feeders should be healthy also.


Zyscovich does some decent work outside the ninety-nine percent of their modernist crap. Maybe they can do the same with CocoWalk and its coordinating architecture.


I haven’t been to Sunset place since the year 2000.

This is a great idea for that place.


This place was a mess from conception, glad they’re gonna redo it and open it up to the street.


And please when they redevelop the place, make sure they get rid of the horrendous urine smelling staircases from the garage to the Mall

global reach

That is not the smell of urine but the same chemical that is in urine and bleach.