Swire Buys Property West Of Brickell City Centre

Swire Properties purchased a 7,500 square foot property at 158 Southwest Seventh Street for $2.35 million, according to The Real Deal.

It isn’t clear why Swire would want the small property. It is a block west of Brickell City Centre, but the project doesn’t seem to have been designed for westward expansion, with a large parking garage anchoring the west end of the project. There are also at least five other property owners in between, which would make an assemblage very difficult.

If Swire does manage to assemble the entire block along with the Frame Art and Blackbird Ordinary properties, it would open the possibility of them building on both sides of the Metrorail tracks, and the possibility of a new station in the project.

Swire is about to finalize a deal with the city to build a new fire station within Brickell City Centre, but the terms state that it will be east of South Miami Avenue.


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5 years ago

Fire Station.

5 years ago

I said the same thing. it’s definitely for the fire station they promised

5 years ago

“Swire is about to finalize a deal with the city to build a new fire station within Brickell City Centre, but the terms state that it will be EAST OF SOUTH MIAMI AVENUE”

5 years ago

It seems it may be within the huge complex itself. But I do have to wonder why they would buy that property. It must be a skinny tower, if it is. Or, they probably are going to buy the entire lot over time and convert it into something else. We will see.

5 years ago

I would love to see them expanding towards the river something in the line of NYC’s Brookfield Place with the food halls and restaurants openning up to the river. Overall, BCC has alot of potential to grow and transform downtown.

5 years ago

Don’t they own the Brickell Green site?

5 years ago

They should have been asked to help redesign the Metromover tracks at the bend going down to Brickell, which is the biggest impediment for allowing muti-tram cars which would really help today but especially down the line. That area of the tracks need to be dealt with, one tram cars are no good at this point.

5 years ago

I think this lot is for the fire station they were requested to build

5 years ago

Well 500,000 sf of retail is not that big; i am sure they could go bigger

Yet Another Anonymous
5 years ago

“A new station in the project” being a metrorail station would be very unlikely, given how close Brickell and Gov center already are and that that is wayyy more involved than revamping a elevated light rail automatic bus station. If anything some kind of walkway or connection would be an unlikely maybe in that eighth street MM already is that connection.

5 years ago

If it is not a fire station, my guess is that they are trying to expand west, if that is the case they will probably try to purchase the Starlight Motel next.
Swire – they are taking over one block at a time.

5 years ago

Not everything has to be a megaproject. They built Brickell Key one building at a time, and some of them are smallish.