Swire Could Spend $1 Million To Add School Capacity For Brickell City Centre Expansion

Swire Properties and its partners may need to spend over $1 million to add school capacity for an expansion at Brickell City Centre.

Brickell City Centre’s proposed expansion would add 972 residential units.

There wouldn’t be enough capacity in area schools to support the expansion however. According to School Board documents, there would be a deficiency in space for 31 students in area elementary schools.

To gain approval for the new units, Swire and its partners had proposed a deal to pay just over $1 million in mitigation for 44 new student station at Southside Elementary School.

The deal was scheduled to be voted on at the School Board’s March 13 meeting but was withdrawn.


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How many thousands of residential units are planned right now for the Brickell area? Seems like it may be a good time to look at this in whole, not adding on 40 spots at southside every time a new project goes up.


smh.. something this simple can’t get a simple approval.

Only in Miami.


31 kids apparently dont have school so the government is going to FORCE this company to build a school? No other developer is being forced to do this for 31 random kids that need a whole new school???


Something smells fishy here!!!


Brickell/Downtown are going to need a new school or 2 in the coming years


As they should.


I’m all for more schools but 31 kids?!? How is this even an issue? SMH


We pay high taxes on any condo in Brickell, we probably are paying for lots of corrupted politicians to send their kids to Carrollton, Ransom Everglades etc !!!!

Brickell has so many condominiums and even the small units pay around 3,500$ ( almost same as a 4 bedroom house) a year in taxes… where is that money going to ????

We have no good roads
We have few small public schools
We have no good security or police ( thank God we don’t have Hip hop weekend like Sobe)
A firefighter station, that on the taxpayer money and using the fire truck, the firefighters go to The Plaza on Brickell condo, after midnight, to hookup with some slothy chicks!!


Sgt. Sapingo

I paid over $6500 in taxes last week on a 1 bedroom condo in Brickell and felt happy that it wasn’t almost $8000 like last year.

At the same time, I’d have to leave the area if I had kids because there isn’t an acceptable school after elementary and even the elementary school has big class sizes.


Is there some kind of big WHINE FEST in Brickell that we don’t know about?


Yes !!!! The one where intelligent people questions where all that money we paid goes !!!!!


Schoolboard shakedown


No. Concurrency. Look it up.


It’s not like parents who can afford to live here would even send their children to Miami’s fine public schools. Well, Southside is somewhat decent, but that’s about it.


it’s called Concurrency.