Swire Properties Chief Excited About Future Phases Of Brickell City Centre

As Brickell City Centre’s first phase nears completion, the developer of the project is quick to point out that there are “follow on exciting stories” to come in future phases.

At an analyst meeting last week, Swire Properties Chief Executive Guy Bradley wanted investors to know that “there is a phase 2, and potentially future phases.” The next phases are “not small” and “can continue the transformational story.”

The second phase is about 1.4 million square foot, he said. It will include office, residential, hotel and retail space in an 80-story tower.

Bradley said that another potential future phase is a 523,000 square foot condo building, about the same size as the Rise and Reach condo towers that have already been completed.


from swire’s presentation last week:


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Just love how Swire has been accomplishing this project with no signs of slowing down. One brickell city centre may be the first 1000 footer of all the 1000 footers planned to get done first. . . .Exciting . . . .


It would be nice to see BCC extending all the way to the river, ending with terraces looking to the river with bars and restaurants.
I have a lot of faith in this project it has the pontential to elevate downtown and generate pedestrian activity and hopefully promote more retail developments in the area.


It would be nice to have more retail, I really hope the retail portion proves to be a success…I am sick of having to drive to places just to have the type of fun that does not include food and drinks cause that’s all we have in Brickell at the moment. Can’t wait for the movie theaters to open.


When all the projects are completed from BCC to MWC and etc etc… You will never have to leave downtown and you can travel the metro mover and/or light rail.


i wonder if they will build another department store now that world center nixed its department stores.


I thing the must build another dept store, they need another anchor


I really hope all this investment by Swire based in Hong Kong results in a nonstop on Cathay Pacific soon. I’m happy with the Turkish/Qatar new routes, but Cathay would be amazing.


HKG-MIA is 9,000 miles, longer than the longest commercial flight right now, 8,600 miles from PTY-DXB, and only slightly shorter than SIN-JFK at 9,500m. I don’t think it’s going to happen.


PTY-DXB has been cancelled

Tomas Possenti

You can hop aboard a Cathay flight via SFO/JFK/LAX and its much faster than Turkish/Quatar. Non-stop might be a challenge, Oneworld alliance and AA dominance locally might hinder that. AA DFW hub services jointly with Cathay as codeshare. Unless AA signs off on it, it isn’t happening soon.


To get to Bangkok or Myanmar or India, places I love to travel to, I think now its easier to fly through Doha. Only one connection and you don’t have to deal with an awful domestic flight. I have flown Cathay many times and connected through LAX and JFK, but with Qatar here now, and offering a reasonable business class, if I am purchasing tickets, I fly Qatar instead of Cathay.


I agree with you, we need options for entertainment in downtown. a bowling alley would be an awesome addition to the area…I remember at some point they have announced one at All Aboard Central Station but apparently they change their mind.


I thought they were going to have two types of Bowling alleys at the Miami Grand central AAF. ? ?

Jack Flash

Certainly looking forward to the first super tall to break ground.


more condos?

miami 1