Swire Properties Opens Temporary Fire Station Next To Brickell City Centre

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was scheduled this morning for a temporary fire station next to Brickell City Centre.

The 9,000-square-foot temporary fire station is located on Brickell City Centre’s North Squared block, which was vacant but slated for future development.

Emergency responders will live at the temporary station, with emergency service vehicles parked there.

Eventually, Swire is planning to build a permanent Brickell City Centre fire station, as part of a 2019 deal for approval of two new towers at the Tobacco Road and Associated Photo properties across the street.

In 2022, commissioner Joe Carollo delayed approval of the One Brickell City Centre near-supertall tower after he demanded a status update on construction of the fire station.



Approval to build these Brickell City Centre towers included a deal for a new fire station: