Swire Properties Reopens Eighth Street Metromover Station

After nearly 15 months of construction, the Eighth Street Metromover station has reopened.

It will eventually be integrated into the Brickell City Centre project, but access remains closed for now.

Arquitectonica is the station architect.


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Yet Another Anonymous

It really didn’t get renamed to “Brickell City Center” station?


Swire put up most of the money to rebuild the station. Surprising they didn’t even get naming rights.


Happy to see that it opened; however, aesthetically, it’s very disappointing….metal bars look like cages on the stairwells and only offers the single aisle escalators…seems like it would be very insufficient for being adjacent to a high traffic mall. I walked through it on Saturday and its extremely cramped.


I agree, it doesn’t look like much was done really, I hope it looks better once it is directly connected to the mall.


The signs here do not match new award-winning signage at the other Metromover stations. It should be called “Brickell Loop” not “Brickell Line.” Also, the new map design is missing. Someone will have to pay for new and better signs as these are already out of date before the station even opens.

Also, I’m happy the station was refurbished, but I expected more. It is better than nothing I suppose.


Very generic looking. I hope this is not a preview of the rest of the mall.


I can’t believe they used the old maps… oh wait, actually I can believe it. I really hope the county fixes this ASAP!


They should call it the bird cage……..millions of dollars and they could not come up with a better looking rail station…..not acceptable


The 7th pic has a GRAVEL sidewalk connecting 7th Street to the station. Really? Cheap, cheap, cheap…


The “design” was adding wood planks to the roof and the cheesy grate design on the outside? Although I was not expecting it to be completely different, this design is underwhelming. I’d hate to see what was paid for this bland remodel.




Nothing special – shoddy work in my opinion. Just like Swire’s general quality on this whole project and irritating the neighborhood with 24 hour noise waivers. Note, if you are going to build in a new neighborhood, don’t piss off the prospective customers. BTW, there is a reason that Ken Russel is going to beat Madame Sarnoff on Nov 17th runoff. Miami – NO MORE STUPID DEVELOPMENT. Put the citizens first!


Oh, you mean stupid development like SKYRISE?


Looks fine to me. I agree, rename it BCC Station!


Jeez people, it’s just a MetroMover stop, not the 911 Memorial Museum!