How Target Is Trying To Block Amazon Expansion In Miami

Target recently signed a new lease for a store in Miami, but forced the landlord to agree on restrictions that could prevent Amazon from operating there in the future.

The restrictions are now in placed at the Pinecrest Place shopping center. According to the terms of the agreement, “Any lockers, lock-boxes or other type of storage system that is used to receive or store merchandise from a catalog or online retailer” are forbidden.

The lease also prohibits “a fulfillment center in connection with receiving, storing or distributing merchandise from a catalog or online retailer.”

According to Reuters, the restrictions appear to be targeted at Amazon, which operates pickup and drop off by locker.

Whole Foods signed a lease to open in the center, shortly before Amazon announced that they were acquiring the company.

At Aventura Commons, both Best Buy and Whole Foods have stores. The Best Buy lease prohibits the sale of electronics elsewhere in the shopping center. Whole Foods is able to sell the Amazon Echo speaker there however, since there is a lease carve-out allowing for electronics displays of under 250 square feet.