The Feds Have Approved The Tallest Building In South Beach: The Canopy Club

Miami Beach will be soon be getting what could become its tallest building ever, after the Federal Aviation Administration approved its height.

The tower will be known as The Canopy Club. Developers say they will break ground in 2021.

The FAA approved a final height of of 546 feet above ground, or 549 feet above sea level. That is down slightly from when the application was first submitted in November 2019 (approval took nearly eleven months).

An adjacent 3-acre park has been renamed Canopy Park, and construction began in August.

The 44-story Canopy Club tower will include 337 residential units and a parking garage with 577 spaces. There will also be a token amount of retail, restaurant, and surface parking spaces next to the park.

Miami Beach’s tallest buildings are the 44-story Green and Blue Diamonds, said to be 559 feet above ground. However, <a href=””>the Emporis website claims</a> that the 559-foot height of those towers would have only been reached by adding a spire, which was never done, leaving their heights at just 502 feet to the top of an architectural feature.