The One Is Coming: Related Group Schedules 444 Brickell Groundbreaking For 1Q 2021 (A Riverwalk Is Coming Too)

Related Group is moving forward with development of the 444 Brickell project.

The developer will break ground on the first of three tower planned for the site in the first of quarter of 2021, they told the Herald.

Construction will take 30 months to complete. City records show the developer has filed for total demolition of a four story office building on the site.

The first tower will have 40 to 45 stories with 500 rental apartments.

The project was named One Brickell in 2015.

The developer filed plans to build three towers at heights of 57 stories, 77 stories, and 82 stories, so the new tower will be shorter than originally planned. The completed three phases were proposed to include 1,400 residential units, 249 hotel units, 41,272 square feet office space, and 24,263 square feet retail space.

One big benefit of Related finally beginning work: the riverwalk would finally connect behind 444 Brickell to the one behind Icon Brickell and the Miami Circle, offering a continuous path along the river.

One of the approval conditions for 444 Brickell imposed by the city in 2015 was that Related would build a temporary baywalk on wooden docks behind the site during phase one, even if the second phase has not yet started. Later, they will build a full riverwalk behind the second phase.



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