This Chart Shows Exactly How Many Vehicles Are Using The New Port Tunnel

About 7,000 vehicles per day are using the new tunnel to PortMiami, according to a chart released to exMiami by Chris Hodgkins, the CEO of the company overseeing operations.

Traffic spikes on Fridays and Saturdays. The busiest day came on Friday, August 22, when 10,136 vehicles either entered or exited the port by tunnel (vehicles are counted twice if they enter and exit the port on the same day). Hodgkins told exMiami that he is ‘very happy’ with the upward trend.

A 2009 study estimated that 16,000 vehicles traveled each day to and from the port, expected to increase to 70,000 vehicles by 2033.

The tunnel operator received a total of $506.5 million in milestone payments for building the tunnel, and will get another $975 million over 30 years (2009 dollars to be adjusted upwards for inflation) for operating it.