This Is How Touzet Studio Plans To Expand ArtCenter Building On Lincoln Road

800 Lincoln Road, recently vacated by ArtCenter, is set for an extreme makeover.

Developer South Beach TriStar 800 LLC has hired Touzet Studio to oversee a renovation and expansion of the historic building. The real estate investment arm of Germany’s Commerzbank AG controls an entity that owns the 17,642-square-foot building, which sold for $88 million for last October.

The building was originally built in 1935 as the city’s first Burdines, designed by architect Robert Law Weed. The developer is requesting to demolish the rear of the building for a three-story addition. The front will be retained and restored.

In a letter, a representative of the developer wrote that the ultimate uses of the property are unknown at this time, but retail use is anticipated.

Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board will review the plans at a meeting next month.