This Is The Biscayne Green Presentation Made At A Meeting Yesterday, As Officials Study Removing Traffic Lanes From Biscayne Boulevard

The public was given their first chance to provide their input on downtown Miami’s Biscayne Green project at a public meeting yesterday at which a presentation on the proposal was made  (the full presentation is below).

The goal of Biscayne Green is to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety, enhance east-west connectivity between downtown and waterfront amenities, and replace parking and activate the median with pedestrian friendly features, the presentation says.

Around a half-mile stretch from SE 1st Street to NE 6th Street could see a reduction in traffic lanes from eight to either four or six.

Currently, 19,500 vehicles travel on an average day in the northbound lanes, with 11,500 in the southbound lanes. There are 392 parking stalls in the median.

Two additional public meetings are scheduled in 2020. Two alternative concept plans are expected to be developed, with a final report due in spring 2020.