Three Months Later, Walmart Midtown Construction Site Still Shut Down

In Midtown Miami, the Walmart construction site has had virtually no activity since June.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the discount chain lacked the necessary unit of title needed for a construction permit.

A phased construction permit that allowed foundation work to begin had been issued in December 2015. It was revoked six months later, and Walmart has been unable to obtain any further permits.


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Walmart should cancel the store, flip the land at a profit, and open a store further west with more profitability and customers. The location is perfect for either a Whole Foods Market, or Fresh Market or Trader Joe’s, and Orchard Supply Hardware.


but yet Target was ok?


Target was there according to plan since the beginning, while Walmart forced itself in and is a poor utilization of the land. Also, it’s a gentleman’s agreement Walmart and Target can’t be in the same shopping center. Ever seen a CVS and Walgreens in the same shopping center?


a CVS and a Walgreens are usually right across the street from each other, which is basically what this will be.


You missed my point, smartass. Maybe my analogy was flawed using an example of a typical suburban retail format, but it’s rectified by the fact you don’t have two suburban retailers at the same urban development. Target was successful at an urban format about a decade ago, while Walmart continues to fail and make things worse when they try.

Marc the shark Sarnoff

Target is fine. It was in the original plan. It is not massive. It blends in. Walmart on the other hand represents one of the worst (most corrupt) votes ever from Marc Sarnoff and other Miami commissioners.


Oh please, anything other than another Publix.


Walmart hired Manny Diaz (Ex-Mayor) whom is friends with City Attorney Victoria Mendez whom allowed them to get a foundation permit without unity of title. Shame on Victoria and our City!

Grant Stern

For the record: This will be my only comment on this post whatsoever of any sort.

Walmart wanted to place an illegal driveway on to North Miami Avenue that would have destroyed traffic in the midtown/wynwood area for EVERYONE. It would have made the streets of Wynwood’s historic neighborhood less safe with a lot more traffic by those seeking a short cut, and snarled traffic at the central intersection of our neighborhood for years to come.

I alleged in writing that Walmart did not have sworn consent to build the illegal driveway from the Midtown CDD in 2013 and 2014 to the City of Miami in three different public hearing appeals. It is unfortunate that the City of Miami has taken a poor approach to equal enforcement of the law, when a resident requests an entirely factual and provable misdeed to be corrected.


victoria mendez is getting heat for replatting a lot on coconut grove. this walmart at midtown is a much bigger example of breaking the rules for her friends manny and walmart




Manny Diaz was behind the creation of midtown according to his book and now his trying to destroy it

Walmart lobbyist

No. Manny Diaz is trying to make money for himself. He never cared for the public. He is on Walmart’s payroll.


A perfect lot for a mix use development shouldn’t be wasted in another eye sore big box retail. There is plenty of land available west of NW 7th Ave.


Target is not an eyes sore.. surrounded by shops and restaurants…

Same is planned for Walmart.


It’s ridiculous the amount of time and effort it’s taken to build the Walmart.. the same shopping center already includes a Ross shop for less, Target, a Dick’s Sporting Goods and many more.. Walmart would FIT there and can include a much needed organic grocery store.

global reach

Walmart is a beast that will cause half of the midtown center and all those stores on North Miami Ave to close down. Secondly it attracts the worse kind of people.


Walmart is an organic grocery store? I suppose that makes Dollar Tree a Dean & DeLuca.


walmart is trying to break the design standards to take away all the parallel parking on 31st street eliminating the look and urban feel of the street and neighborhood.


Walmart used adjoining properties not owned by them in order to build 0 setbacks and build a monster, very doral like


Walmart would serve Midtown, Wynwood, Mimo, Edgewater areas.. Get it done!


No, it would serve Little Haiti and Liberty City who would otherwise complain about it killing small businesses if it was actually built the other side of I-95.

Walmart lobbyists lie

Actually, it would increase the already terrible traffic problems in Midtown, Wynwood, MiMo, Edgewater and Buena Vista neighborhoods.


Gonna see more of that rezoning,replatting in mimo on the east side of biscayne when developers next cycle want to build high rises on the bayfront in that area


You won’t see any upzoning on the east side of Biscayne Boulevard. MiMo is located within a completely different neighborhood and a separate district north of Midtown and I-195. To the east are some of the most rich single-family communities in the city, many with historic designation and more likely to be designated in the near future. Look at the Miami21 map, battle against Boulevard 57, height differences north and south of I-195, and you’ll see. Frankly, it’s a good thing because it preserves our city’s heritage, exerts more pressure to allow taller towers in Downtown Miami and Brickell, and makes redeveloping neglected areas like Park West and Omni more attractive.


We need this Walmart.. I have to drive to Doral for a large grocery shopping. Public is extremely expensive (never again). Bring Walmart to this area, we need it !


It’s going to be a great having a Walmart store nearby…the first Walmart in the City of Miami.

The store will be fresh.. have an urban look, mixed-use type.. and those people that don’t like it, don’t have to visit.


Mixed-use means it’s used for something other than commercial retail, like residential or office use above. It has none of these. The only thing urban about it is minimal setbacks from the street and a tight parking garage with accidents involving shopping carts and other vehicles likely to occur on a daily basis. It’s already a risk in the existing Midtown Miami garages, affirming how absolutely necessary it is for transit. “The first Walmart in the City of Miami.” What an honor!


We don’t need Walmart because we’re smart enough not to drive to Doral and spend money on gas ultimately resulting in minimal price differences. Besides, a closer Walmart exists in Northside with proximity to two Metrorail stations, but I assume you refuse to go there because of “scary people.”

Walmart badly hurts small local businesses

Is anyone investigating how lobbyists Manny Diaz, Steve Marin, Francoise Illias, Tad Swartz and others got Walmart approved when it violates so many provisions of the Midtown Master Plan?


Bananas, strawberries, one organic soap and 2 bags of organic nuts 89$ at Whole Food in downtown, next to Brickell!!!

Bananas, strawberries, 4 bars of Dove soap, 2 gallons of milk, 2 big jars of mixed nuts 27$ in Walmart !!!

You pick how to spend your money

Midtown is more middle class, it’s not Brickell or the Gables
They already have Ross and other middle class stores
People in surrounding neighborhood will benefit with employment and decent prices

Some people that live in that area oppose the store on a false pretentious ilusion that they live in a more upscale area but they need to look around and see the stores they already have and one more is not going to make a different and will benefit lots of people


I know many middle class people who go to Whole Foods, as well as more upper class deal searchers frequent Ross. Midtown isn’t middle class, rather a polarized neighborhood typically seen with gentrification. Demographics and excuses aside, many other reasons exist to why Walmart would be bad in this location. You even said yourself about “people in surrounding neighborhood will benefit with employment and decent prices,” so why not build the store in their neighborhood?

Also, “middle class” is a false pretentious illusion the Hillary Clintons of the world use because the working class is tired of their shit.

Walmart is anti-small business

Walmart has lots of money to buy off locals. As long as all the profits go to the Walton family, none of whom live in Florida.


Those lil boutiques wont suffer any business loss from walmart,nor will the artisanal donut places.only target and ross will take a hit.publix down the way too


Yes they most certainly will from increased traffic, crime, and the loss of any existing and all potential classical neighborhood characteristics worked so hard to restore from the last decade.


How about a movie theater?


As a Miami Beach resident, I’m glad we’re getting a walmart store across the Julia Tuttle bridge in Midtown.


I’d like to see how you and your neighbors would react to a Walmart in North Beach.

Walmart always harms local businesses

As a Miami resident I am glad Miami Beach will soon be covered by concrete mixing plants so the trucks do not have to pass through Miami.