Tobacco Road Is Moving, And So Are The Neighbors (Updated)

Tobacco Road is moving (or closing) this month, and the bar’s neighbors are also relocating.

I’ve Been Framed, located next door in a building that dates back to 1920, posted on their Facebook page this week that they will be moving in March 2015. Several residential tenants above the store in the same building have also been evicted in the past few months.

In 2012, Colombian investor Carlos Mattos paid $12.5 million for the Tobacco Road building, built in 1915, along with several neighboring buildings that were built in 1925. He added the I’ve Been Framed building earlier this year.

None of the buildings are designated historic.

Also moving are the tenants of the building just north of I’ve Been Framed. It is slated for demolition so that Swire can build a new intersection.


Update: Move date for I’ve Been Framed is March 2015