Toll Brothers Wants To Build Condos In Miami, Scouting For Sites

Toll Brothers, one of the nation’s largest home builders, wants to build condos in Miami, and is looking for development property.

Executives of the Pennsylvania-based company said on a conference call yesterday that they have been searching for land in Miami to expand their urban development division known as City Living.

The majority of Toll’s urban projects are in New York City, but the company has been looking elsewhere for expansion. In addition to Miami, Pennsylvania-based Toll is looking at sites in Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston and San Francisco.

Toll Brothers had nearly $4 billion in revenue in 2014.

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6 years ago

If they bring the same architect (christian de portzamparc) they would be very refreshing for Miami.

6 years ago

I would personally kiss the shoes of every one of those guys if they brought anything even REMOTELY resembling 400 Park Ave to Miami. The architecture here sucks. We need more contemporary style in our skyline.

6 years ago

This is Miami, no one is going to build a residential building without balconies so that people not living in the building can admire it.

6 years ago

I would bet that, even with balconies, a christian de portzamparc designed building would look 100x better than another arquitectonica shitbox.

6 years ago

Depends, if the developer is going to christian de portzamparc with the same budget of all the arquitectonica shitboxes then your going to get a similar result.

Were going through the process now and with current construction pricing going up we can’t put a lot of the features we would like because it makes the project unfeasible and were not in this business to lose money.

Arquitectonica can only do so much for a building that is selling at $500/sf. Once you start getting closer to $1000/sf that allows you to do a lot more.

Your argument is like walking into a Ford dealer and complaining that none of their vehicles has the design quality of a high end luxury car like a Ferrari. Are Ford’s designer shitty? No there is simply a limit of a feasible design that they can create for a customer who is paying $30k for a car and not $250k.

6 years ago

Part of the problem is also the building codes in Miami. While Miami 21 was an improvement Ina lot of ways it has problems too. It basically designs the buildings for each lot. All are towers on podiums. A better zoning code would be what they have in New York where there is some flexibility. Otherwise every building will be a tower on a box with weird balconies.

6 years ago

That’s going to happen regardless as long as you have parking. What Miami 21 did was make developers cover the first floor with another use so at lease you have less blank walls. We’ll never have a scenario like NY because NY was build before we had cars. There is only one building in all of Miami right now being built without parking and that’s Centro.

I guess if you got rid of parking requirements you might get a couple more buildings but nothing on the scale of NY. Or maybe when values go up enough we’ll start to see it become more feasible to go underground for garages.