Total Demolition Permit Submitted For 2000 Wynwood, Where 310 Apartments Planned

A total demolition permit has been submitted for the 2000 Wynwood site, where an apartment building is planned.

The demolition permit was applied for on July 20, with the full plans filed August 9 and now under review.

The estimated cost listed on the permit is $13,000. The BG Group is the contractor.

A new construction permit to build a multifamily rental building was submitted in December 2022 and is still in process.

In February, the developer signed a deal for water and sewer utilities for 310 apartments, 1,000 square feet of full service restaurant, and 8,300 square feet of retail.

In June, the project had hearings before the Wynwood Design Review Committee and the Urban Development Review Board.

Both boards voted to recommend approval with conditions.

The WDRC conditions were:

  • Revisit unresolved building service and operational conditions (i.e. trash room, loading docks, exhaust, backflows/meters.)
  • Activate 20th St with landscape, additional retail, and openness of mailroom. Examine relocating some non-activating spaces to the upper levels.
  • Articulate retail and residential frontages and lobby to be more engaging (i.e. delineation, fenestration etc.).
  • Activate N. Miami Court with habitable spaces.
  • Relocate MEP components to Mezzanine level.
  • Introduce art treatment or materials other than stucco at 4th floor soffit.
  • Screen all rooftop mechanical equipment.
  • Consider simplifying Façade Frames.
  • Consider adding wall wash fixtures at ground floor façade.
  • Consider introducing retail into SE corner.

The UDRB conditions were:

  • Consider adding pedestrian-supporting retail uses on ground 20th St.
  • Study configuration of corridors to allow more light and create a more human-friendly experience.
  • Consider relocating the lobby to accommodate corner retail.

The 12-story project is proposed to include:

  • 310 residential units
  • 9,416 square feet of retail
  • 308 parking spaces

Leo A Daly is the architect.

Clearline Real Estate is the developer.