More Tourists Visited Miami In 2017 Than Ever Before

Visitors continue flocking to Miami in record numbers last year.

According to Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, the county welcomed 15.8 million overnight visitors in 2017 who spent $25.9 billion. Both were all-time highs, the mayor said in his State of the County address.

The strong numbers came despite the Miami Beach Convention Center being mostly closed for renovations. Other challenges last year included a strong dollar, hurricane, and zika scare.

PortMiami also had more cruise passengers in 2017 than any port in the world has ever seen, with 5.3 million passengers for the year.

Many of the new visitors likely came through FLL, which saw double digit growth. Traffic at MIA was down 1%.


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Geezzz I hate that redesign of the proposed Convention Center. Please go back to one of the first two renderings.


It doesn’t help when the rendering shows the rest of Worldcenter not built, and the barren patch of land abutting the FEC freight line curve.


And that’s the problem my man, people like you and me, along with thousands of other people, are sick and tired of all these foot dragging land owners in that area holding back Miami’s potential, all for the sake of the dollar. These people, along with dumbasses in Miami’s politics, never did give a damn about Miami until somebody told them that they could buy some land and sit on it until a developer comes along and pay them the price they’ve been waiting for. All this has done is slow Miami’s growth and true potential and put it behind other cities in this country that Miami should’ve pasted fifty years ago.

Like the saying goes, I wish these people would just learn how to “Lead, Follow, or get the F… out the way.”


You are right, but you have not idea of how many people in this town (specially from white affluent areas) furiously oppose Miami’s urban core redevelopment. Ex. Every single residential project proposed in The Upper East Side has been killed in long legal battles by The MorningSide and Bellemeade homeowners associations.


That’s odd considering those neighborhoods have been across Biscayne Blvd from derelict slums for decades. Their new neighbors couldn’t be any worse.


This number will only grow with all the improvements happening here.