Tower Crane Installed At Megacenter Brickell, Vertical Construction Underway

Megacenter Brickell is going vertical after a tower crane was installed yesterday at the mixed-use project.

Chile’s Red Megacentro is developing Megacenter next to I-95, with a variety of different uses.

A 12-story, 148-foot tower is planned to front Southwest 7th Street. It will include six levels of mini-storage along with 111 basement parking spots and street level retail space. Atop the storage will be four levels of office space, and a rooftop terrace.

The storage area will be covered with a variety of changeable art that will be periodically replaced.

On the Calle Ocho side, an eight-story residential building with 57 units is planned, with ninth story rooftop amenities. Retail is again planned at the street level on the Eighth Street side of the project.

Borges + Associates is the architect.

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A 12-story tower called “Megacenter.” Funny. It’s like Castanza telling Jerry, “What, I’m not an architect?”


Vandelay Industries?


I don’t get that either???


Not Brickell




Looks like something that would fit better in Wynwood not brickell


Ugh, put that self-storage crap in Doral’s warehouse land under where airplanes take off and land, not on corners of Miami’s most walkable streets!

( . )( . )

Neither mega nor center. If the muralist paints this with acrylic, it will fade and looked washed out within years. If they consider a textile and give it a textured, layered and kinetic feel, this would give it a dimensionality and sculpted relief that would be far more interesting.

Danny Costa



WHAT!!!??! This is Miami. You get Stucco & Paint deal with it!


The renderings look finished, the design does not…


I personally like this project, up until now Brickell West construction stopped at the I-95 overpass, this is the first building that goes past it. I hope it becomes the catalyst for many more projects to come west of Brickell.

Danny Costa

I’d predict in the next 15 years, development will reach westward to give us more of a full downtown and not make it look like a 4 block vertical strip




If only the area was half as pretty as the renderings


Must have been a slow news say.