Transit-Oriented Gables Station Rising Next To Metrorail, Will Fund Underline

Gables Station continues vertical construction next to Metrorail, according to Miami-Dade commissioner Xavier Suarez, who posted video of progress on his Twitter feed.

Suarez called the project a true transit oriented development. In addition to being near a Metrorail station, it will also be steps from the new Underline park and pathway beneath the elevated rail track.

Gables Station will include:

  • 434 apartments
  • 66 extended-stay hotel rooms
  • 125,000 square feet of retail, including a grocer and Life Time Fitness
  • 1,000 parking spaces
  • The Living Room, an open air square lined with shops, restaurants, and seating areas
  • A public park

The developer is funding half a mile of the Underline’s construction. The new Underline area combined with additional green space that is being created on the Gables Station lot, called Gables Station Park, will form the largest park in Coral Gables at 2.895 acres.

Gensler and Jorge Hernandez are the architects.





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I love that style of architecture. Looks very nice.


Classy designs. Wish we had that mentality in Miami.


Agreed, especially seeing the proposed Arquitectonica up the line at Douglas Road Station.


Brent Reynolds in Now in Miami. Classic man


Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami. – Bringing America to Miami


agreed, but I think the proportions of the arched windows on the lower floors don’t match the upper floors. It looks compressed to me on top.


Until residents can get to Miami Beach, Wynwood and the Grove by Metrorail, any person with the means to own a car will continue to own one. MDT needs to connect all of the established urban areas so that middle class Miamians can go carless without feeling like they’re giving something up. Until that happens, TODs will have to include massive parking garages or cater to the poorest Miamians who can’t afford a car.


You can get to the Grove by Metrorail.


But is metrorail by my home? ?


They’re building the apartments right next to the Grove, but it’s a 2 mile walk east to CocoWalk area and parks (once you cross US1). Miami needs 1000s of miles of rail to have any chance of a being a “transit oriented community”…but it’s a catch 22..even with the usual land grabs, kickbacks and general corruption, can’t see that happening…would need 100s of $billions of non-repayable bonds to build, then 10s of $billions annually to operate…at a huge loss, like every year since metro rail opened…sadly…this project is selling the sizzle with good key phrases…the property is likely to appreciate well, though, but let’s not fool ourselves about rail use…for well heeled downtown Miami, gables and grove commuters, it’s a win win.


Ok, Grant Savage…


Grant, people will hate bc you speak the truth.


1000 parking spaces = true transit oriented? Lets call a spade a spade. Its a nice development that caters to whats existing infrastructure.


What about the people who want to ride the metro and live in the Grove? I believe a lot of those spaces will be available to them to then hop on the train. Parking in that regard is still necessary. The parking at Sunset Place station has been closed for many months, I am sure that is hurting transit numbers and adding many more vehicles back on to US1.




Looks awesome ??


How is this considered TOD — with no rail station nearby? Just another bunch of apartments in a nice neighborhood.


Might be near a metrorail station but building a giant parking garage doesn’t scream transit oriented.


Um, sure.. the people who are going to live there, stay at the hotel rooms, shop at the retail and grocery store, and workout at the gym there, should not be selfish and use the metrorail.

Sheesshh… some of you people will never give it break will you?