Tri-Rail Connection To Airport Coming Within Weeks As Miami Central Station Nears Completion

After years of waiting, passengers will soon be able to get directly to and from Miami International Airport using Tri-Rail.

Tri-Rail confirmed today on Twitter that the Miami Central Station opening will be opening within weeks. Previously, a spokesman had only committed to opening the station sometime this Spring.

Passengers of the 71-mile Tri-Rail system will be able to access the airport by taking an escalator to the MIA Mover, followed by a three-minute ride to the terminal. MIA Mover trains depart approximately every 90 seconds, and MIA has ordered additional Mitsubishi Crystal Mover cars to add new capacity next year.

Tri-Rail has been shuttling MIA passengers to the Hialeah Market Station since September 2011, when they closed the airport station to rebuild it. At the time, they said that construction would last approximately two years. By closing the station instead of building while keeping it open, they claimed that they would save $10 million and 21 months of construction time.

The cost of the Tri-Rail station is now pegged at $92 million, up from the $85 million originally budgeted.

Other components of the Intermodal Center, including the car rental center and metrorail link, are already open. An Amtrak connection has been plagued by delays and won’t open until Summer 2016.