Trump Asked Jorge Pérez To Build Mexico Border Wall, But Is Now Ignoring Him

President Donald Trump has not been responding to emails sent by Related Group’s Jorge Pérez in the past few weeks, after Pérez publicly criticized Trump’s plan for a wall on the Mexican border.

According to the WSJ, Trump sent an email to Pérez soon after the election, writing: “Any interest in building a 2,000 mile wall—30’ high—between U.S.A. and Mexico? Call me.” Pérez wrote back that he wasn’t interested, since it would jeopardize his business in Mexico, and because he thought the wall was “immoral.”

In January, Trump came back twice to Pérez with two separate offers for White House positions. Both were rejected by Pérez.

At the end of January, Pérez gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he called the wall “idiotic.” The interview gained wide attention from the national media

Since then, Pérez has sent several “fence-mending letters” to Trump, according to the NYT. Trump has not responded to any of them, although his personal secretary confirmed that they have been read.