Trump Says Miami Would Be A Great Location To Host The G-7 Summit (At His Doral Resort)

Miami is the top choice to host the G-7 summit of the world’s top leaders in 2020, President Donald Trump said today.

Trump’s Doral golf resort would host the summit, while he attended this years meeting in Biarritz, France.

Miami is a “great location” for the summit, Trump said.

Miami also has “one of the biggest airports” that “takes planes from everywhere,” Trump added. Doral is just three minutes away by helicopter or five minutes by car, he said.

Each delegation could have their own building at Doral, according to Trump. The 800-acre resort is comprised of smaller buildings with 50 to 70 rooms each, with a total of 643 rooms.

There could be ethical concerns with hosting the summit at Trump’s personal property, according to the NY Times.