Trump’s Resort In Miami Is His Top Revenue Source

Donald Trump’s investment in the Doral resort has turned into his biggest revenue source.

Trump filed a financial disclosure that showed $131,892,107 in revenue from Trump Doral Miami – more than any other investment that Trump has.

Revenue at the resort is up 167% compared to last year’s filing, when Doral grossed $49,444,432 (it was partially closed for renovations.)

Trump paid $150 million for the property and claims to have spent an additional $250 million on renovations. It includes 643 rooms, meaning revpar is above $200 per room.




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5 years ago

It does appear, at this early juncture anyway, that it may well be Trump’s election to lose. If current trends maintain for the next six months and especially if the economy continues to slow down, it may just be that only Trump himself will be able to stop Trump. And with his somewhat volatile nature, that is always a possibility.

But more in line with the subject matter at TNM, Donald Trump’s long history of significant investment in South Florida in general and Miami-Dade in particular cannot be overstated. What he has done for the former Doral Country Club (now Trump National Doral Miami) is spectacular. It is now a significant economic engine that adds greatly to the rapidly increasingly thriving Doral area of West Miami-Dade. It’s important to note that Trump’s single biggest source for his personal income is a prime real estate development that is not in South Beach, Sunny Isles or the downtown to midtown corridor but rather in what used to be considered to be the “fringes” of civilization in West Dade.

Another thing to mention is how this campaign will feature Florida a lot in the coming months, since it is the ultimate “swing” state. If Trump does again what he did during the primary campaign and talks up Florida it can only be a good thing, IMO. Being the media magnet that he is, it will be like getting billions of dollars worth of free advertising for the state as a whole and for Miami most especially.

5 years ago

Starting to look like Trump will be our next president.

5 years ago

I absolutely agree,maybe his vision will help our city leaders to finally make Brickell Avenue first class street in Miami.Now is TOTAL disaster.

5 years ago

Trump 2016!

Afi K. James
5 years ago

Trump will win it all.