Twin 43-Story Towers With ‘Secret Garden’ Planned On Flagler Street

A Brooklyn developer is proposing twin 43-story apartment towers on what is currently a surface parking lot on Flagler Street in downtown Miami.

54 West Flagler would include a total of 391 units, along with ground-floor retail.  A robotic parking garage with 185 parking spaces is also included.

Between the towers would be a “secret garden” of hanging plants. The design is inspired by both the Perez Art Museum and FIU’s Sky Lounge in Sweetwater.

Plans show that most of the units would be very small. The towers themselves would be squeezed onto a tiny 17,065 square foot lot, requiring a setback waiver. Miami’s UDRB will review the proposal late this month.

Alliance Capital is listed as the developer. Records show that the property is owned by Gutierrez Resnik Prop LLC, with an address on Alton Road.

Kobi Karp is listed as the architect.


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Please let this happen


wow beautiful


Way to go Kobi karp….beautiful design !….


very nice!!!


WOW…now that’s freaking gorgeous.


I like it!


This would be next door to the Liquid Lofts proposal and a few other proposals of the last few years (there was that City Parking garage tower as well). Nothing has come of any of them but it would be cool if that area saw some development.


Very nice!. The one at FIU – sky lounge is a pleasure to sit in.


Isn’t robotic parking garage just about the best way to scare buyers these days?


Is this near the courthouse anybody ?


Right in front


43 stories but since the towers have a seemingly thin design it would most likely look a bit taller in person. Which is the perceptive look that I like in towers.


beautiful!!!!…and being smaller may mean lower price point for rent


Just what downtown and Flagler needs to bring life and design to the area.
Way to go Kobi Karp and I’d love to see more ugly, empty parking lots turned into buildings like these.

Danny Costa

It’s beautiful !!!


Does this also include the Burger King property? Hopefully.


Looks great but I most definitely wouldnt want to sit up under those hanging trees.


Love it.


It is a nice design. I hope the vertical gardens are more like FIU’s Sky Lounge than those at the Perez Art Museum. But I have to say 60 ft is pretty tight to be balcony to balcony. You would always have to have your curtains closed. I can foresee noise and privacy being a major issue for tenants in the inner units. Those hanging gardens will not mitigate for that.


The hanging garden will definitely mitigate some “privacy” concerns. And 60′ between apartments is too close? Eh. The distance between some of these homes in these new suburban subdivisions are less than 10′.


Another robotic parking garage … are people stupid?


The footprint is smaller than a traditional garage, so that is a plus. Hopefully more developers build them and we have less and less hulking garage podiums around Miami.