Two-Story Retail Building Planned On Lincoln Road

A multi-level retail building is planed on Lincoln Road.

947 Lincoln Road Investments, controlled by Leon Zwick, wants to demolish most of the historic building that currently houses the Hofbräu München at 947 Lincoln Road.

The new building would have 14,747 square feet of retail space.

Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board will review the plans at a meeting on April 10.

Zyscovich is the project architect.


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really weak. im guessing the developer here only cares about increasing the square footage and getting that second floor because aesthetically this is pretty awful. just a mish mash of ideas, random materials randomly placed, like that bronze that just pops in out of nowhere. the nicest part of the existing building (which let’s be honest is just a garbage building) is the corner element that they removed, and then they keep the rest of the facades which don’t have any inherent original quality worth keeping. I think Zyscovich must have fallen off his bike and forgotten how to design.


Replacing an old ugly building with a new ugly building….


First the old McAllister / Sender building with its 1938 Mediterranean Revival – inspired architecture gives way to Nike’s tear down model. Now this. Might as well let him pull it down or else it will mysteriously subside overnight just as the McAllister building did. …Anything with design and elegance gets replaced with soulless glass and steel. It’s a shame.


to be fair, retail architecture is specifically difficult at times architecturally because people want to see lots of glass when they shop to entice the passers by, on a small scale building this takes up quite a bit of real estate along facades, so you are limited in your aesthetic options.


yet another nail in the coffin of what was once a great place to spend time…rents are already falling due to the homogenous shopping experience…dining options are next…if segefredo disappears thats it…if i want to shop at ross/marshalls ill go where parking doesnt cost up to 4 dollars per hour


All true, except for the rents falling. Sadly these projects raise rents for everybody else. SMH.


Keep some history.


would be fun to make a list of the lawyers and architects making money making Lincoln Road a place THEY themselves no longer want to go to..


I like the new design.. it keeps a retro elegant look to it.


This is a refreshing design. Nice work Zyscovich. Who will be moving here?